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These services are designed to assist the property owner who is looking
for assistance in maintaining their rental properties.  A lot of work
comes along with owning and managing rental property.  This program
allows owners to focus on their daily lives and lifestyle while their
properties are being managed appropriately.  Our property manager's
diverse skills range from great customer service to skilled carpenters.  
Our back office employs skilled accountants that will manage your
accounts in the most professional manner.

Our property management services are designed to allow property
owners to enjoy all the financial benefits of cash flow, tax advantages,
and wealth creation. We keep the tenants happy with our round- the-
clock maintenance and repair service. As the owner, you will never have
to face an emergency call, deal with an irate tenant, or deal with an
eviction should that become necessary.

Management fees:
Our fees for our property management service are competitively priced.
Each property is different in its own way so we do not quote
management fees without considering the type of property, number of
properties managed for a particular client, general location and
additional services that may be necessary. Please feel free to contact our
office to receive a free, no obligation quote.

Signing Up
Signing up your property with us is easy. Simply click here to get
started by contacting us. We’ll answer all your questions, review the
process with you and send you the information you need to get your
property making money in no time at all!


Once you have signed up with us we will get to work immediately to get
your property rented. We visit the property to take photos, note all
amenities and compose an attractive description for the rental
advertising. We will post the property on our website and various
others. We will work with interested parties so they may view the
property, and then we will process applications to approve a qualified
tenant. From that point we will go through the lease signing and move
in process to get them settled, including working with the Association, if
present. We will handle the security deposit and ensure that all the laws
governing the handling of security deposits are strictly adhered to.

Once the tenant is living in the home we take care of all
communications with them including repair requests, rent collection,
lease enforcement and every other aspect of the ongoing management
of the property and tenant so that you do not need to. We will pay
vendors from the rent proceeds and will also look after paying any
recurring invoices such as lawn or pool care. The assigned property
manager will be your contact and the tenant’s contact. The manager
may be reached by any of our phone numbers local to the property and
also by email.

Nearing the expiration of the lease term we will work with your tenant
to retain them in the home and negotiate a rent increase based on a
market analysis of current rents. Our priority is to retain your tenant to
keep costs down and income being generated. Should the tenant need
to vacate the home, we will immediately begin marketing the property
to limit any down time and secure a new tenant as quickly as possible.
A move out inspection and video will be performed upon move out and
any damages will be repaired with the costs assessed against the
security deposit.

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