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Serving the Plymouth, Essex, Bristol, Suffolk Counties
•        Tenant Relations
•        Tenant Screening (Credit and background checks)
•        Financial Management
            o        Collection of rent
            o        Monthly submission of collection reports to owner
            o        Year-end tax preparation of IRS Form 1099
•        24 hour on-call
•        Coordinate all necessary repairs and  maintenance (large and small)
            o        Maintenance and repairs are conducted by our in house repair department.  
This allows us to be in control of cost and ensure quality as well as cost benefit to owner.
•        Perform regular property inspections
            o        Inspect and make recommendations of work necessary to prepare your
property for rent or keep it up to code
•        Mediator of tenant concerns and issues
•        Distribution of correspondences
•        Showing available units to prospective tenants
•        Initiating lease contracts
•        Monitoring and processing lease renewals
•        Enforcing contractual agreements (leases)
•        Properly prepare and serve all legal notices
•        Conduct Resident's move-in and move-out inspections
•        Prepare a written inspection sheet of your property prior to resident's move in
•        Negotiate competitive vendor rates
•        Pay operating expenses from owner's trust account
•        Preparation of resident's security deposit disposition
•        Prompt, accurate and "easy to read" monthly financial reports that include accounting
of your cash flow and all paid receipts for your tax records

We have knowledge of landlord/tenant law and fair housing laws.
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